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Acquisition of Distressed Business

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Acquisition of distressed business
Through a global reach, Miresco purchases distressed inventories: overstocks, factory overruns, wholesale liquidation, bankruptcy wind downs, etc. We look at both wholesale and retail inventories. We also buy distressed businesses in home-related industries as going concerns and/or for liquidation. We also partner with other private equity firms in bidding on parts or entire assets of companies in bankruptcy auctions.

capital infusion
Miresco provides capital infusion in the form of equity, debt, or convertible instruments. We look for either fundamentally sound companies with solid business strategies with short-term liquidity crisis, or start-ups with needs for liquidity, management, and marketing. We provide value added services and partnerships in both scenarios.

Miresco purchases distressed financial instruments from banks, investors, or private equity. We also purchase distressed accounts receivables in the home furnishings industry.

Debt restructuring / renegotiations
Our debt restructuring professionals enlist skills and financial instruments in renegotiating debt. We can assist in restructuring bank debt, landlord liabilities, bondholders, or suppliers. We provide our clients with debt for assets / services barter, restructuring, debt for equity transactions, and other innovative methods of creating value through debt reduction for our clients.

Short Term Bridge Loans
Miresco can arrange for short term business loans for home retailers, through a quick turnaround process.

Miresco recognizes that not all great ideas come from large well funded companies and equally, not all investments are made in dollars and cents. This belief is why Miresco is involved in all stages of investment from the strategic planning and feasibility, to actual startup capital acquisition.



Miresco Investment Services